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How to Use Your Konjac Sponge when Tanning

It’s the summer season, and for most of us, that means wanting to look like we’ve spent weeks by the pool turning into a golden goddess. But play it safe – skip the sunbathing and fake your gorgeous golden tan this summer. Celebrity tanning expert Charlotte Connoley talks us through her top tips and her secret weapon for achieving a flawless tan.

“When it comes to fake tan, it’s essential that you prep your skin,” says Charlotte. “Dry skin will result in a patchy tan, so put in the work beforehand to ensure that your finished result is flawless.”


Charlotte’s Steps to a Glowing Tan

  • Exfoliation

“My secret tanning weapon is actually a konjac sponge; I swear by KOHA Beauty’s Pure White konjac sponge. Soak in warm water until it puffs up and use to gently exfoliate any typically dry areas – such as elbows, knees and ankles, and around the tops of the arms to get rid of any bumps.”

  • Hair Removal

“Hair removal should be done the day before, so that the tan can’t seep into the hair follicles. Make sure you use your KOHA konjac sponge afterwards and apply plenty of nourishing body wash to thoroughly cleanse the skin.”

  • Moisturising

“Around a week before you plan to tan, you should start using a hydrating body lotion to get the skin in tip-top condition, applying daily to extend the life of your tan.”

  • The Tan

“I prefer a mousse as it’s easy to apply and less messy than lotions. Use a mitt and your mousse to apply tan all over your body, starting at the ankle and working up the body, to prevent creases forming in the tan. Take your mitt afterwards and gently buff the insides of your arms and wrists for a more natural look.”

  • Maintenance

“Make sure you’re moisturising regularly and drinking plenty of water too. No waxing, no swimming, no aggressive salt scrubs (just use your konjac sponge!) and only take warm, short showers."  

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