A Simple Summer Skincare Routine

A Simple, Six-Step Summer Skincare Routine That Really Works!

Summer skincare can be a minefield – we all want a naturally healthy glow to show off, makeup free, during the warmer months, but achieving that kind of great skin can get tricky at this time of year.

From sweat and sunscreen creating blemishes, to sun burn and dry skin, the elements play havoc with our complexions during summer. But we have a simple six-step skincare routine that will ensure that you have skin to show off all summer long – read on for more…


1. Cleanse and exfoliate every morning

Your skin will only look its best if it’s properly clean, and if dead skin cells have been buffed away. Start your day by using the KOHA Beauty Pure White konjac sponge with lukewarm water, to remove skincare from the night before, gently polish the skin and ensure everything is clean and fresh, ready for the day ahead.

2. Add in some moisture

Moisture is key in the warmer months to make sure skin doesn’t dry out. After cleansing, pat on a hydrating essence or spray a facial mist to freshen and rehydrate the skin. We love Superdrug’s vegan-friendly B Beauty Essence Lotion to quickly nourish the skin post-cleanse. 

3. Don’t forget that SPF!

Sunscreen is something you should use every day, but it’s a non-negotiable in summer. Glossier’s Invisible Shield Daily Sunscreen has SPF 30, and is a light gel formula, meaning you can apply without fear that it will make the skin feel greasy, plus it’s cruelty-free too.

4. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

If you have dry skin, pick a moisturiser that’s lightweight yet nourishing, which will cushion the skin and prevent it from feeling dry and tight in the heat, without being so dense that it slips off the face. If you have oily skin, pick something that mattifies the skin whilst being non-comedogenic, so you can feel assured that your skin is being cared for without clogging up and causing blemishes later.

5. Never skip an evening cleanse

Arguably the most important step of the day alongside sunscreen, is removing the day’s skincare, makeup and grime every evening. Use KOHA Beauty’s Bamboo Charcoal konjac sponge with warm water to shift the day’s makeup and any lingering grease or grime – this konjac sponge is ideal as it rebalances the skin as it cleanses. Depending on how heavy a cleanse you require, you can add a cleansing oil at this step or just use the sponge alone, going in gentle circular motions to get rid of every last scrap.

6. Night cream before beauty sleep

An overnight moisturiser will help to reset your skin while you sleep. If you have dry skin, smooth on a lovely layer of Organic Surge’s Daily Care Overnight Sensation Night Cream, which will nourish dry, tired complexions and also has the added bonus of being scented with lavender, to help you nod off in peace. Oilier complexions will love The Body Shop’s Vitamin E Gel Moisture Cream, which will hydrate skin without clogging the pores and sending your complexion into meltdown – plus it’s extra-cooling, ideal for sleeping through humid nights!

What’s your failsafe skincare routine?

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B Essence Lotion
Glossier Invisible Shield
Organic Surge Overnight Cream
Body Shop Vitamin E Gel

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