Celebrate Mother’s Day with our Natural Skincare for Children

You love your natural skincare, right? You use your konjac sponge daily, brush your teeth with a bamboo toothbrush, and enjoy natural, cruelty-free products as part of your daily routine. Perhaps you love eco-friendly elements across the board, and use plastic-free haircare, traditional soaps and handmade skincare too.

But what about your children?

So many of us adhere to a natural lifestyle for ourselves, but when it comes to our little ones, it can be tricky to find vegan-friendly, natural products that we feel we can trust. The result is that many of us buy big-name branded products as the default option, because we don’t know what else we can go for.

It can be daunting, and we understand that. Without a big-brand marketing campaign to tell you that these products come highly recommended, how can you be sure that they’re safe to use on your precious babies?

But independent, handmade luxury skincare brands (like us!) work hard to carefully source gentle, organic and effective ingredients to present them to you – and more often than not, we test them on our own children first -our littlest KOHA member loves nothing more than his konjac sponge at bath time!

We want to bring you options that are vegan-friendly and gentle to use for both mother and baby, as we believe that if you believe in natural skincare, you should be able to have access to these products for your whole family. If you don’t believe in non-biodegradable wipes or baby lotions packed full of chemicals, we want to give you an alternative that’s kind to skin and to the senses.

Last year, we launched KOHA Kids, which is a collection of super-soft and superfood-packed colourful konjac sponges, and a kiddie-sized bamboo toothbrush, which you can use without worry on your little ones, helping them to adopt a natural lifestyle from an early age. All of our konjac sponges are safe to use on small children, but our KOHA Kids range comes in fun shapes and colours that will stimulate the senses and make bath time fun and interactive.

We’re also delighted to announce that you can get KOHA’s konjac sponges from other outlets too; such as boutique beauty box company Alice & Peg. Our Pure White konjac sponge is available as part of the brand’s lovely ‘New Beginnings’ box, which is full of lovely gifts for mum and baby, and would make a perfect present for Mother’s Day at the end of this month. All of the products are vegan-friendly and safe to use on even the most delicate of skin, and the products have been carefully handpicked to ensure that the box is just what the new mama would love to receive.

Alongside your KOHA konjac sponge, you’ll also receive a natural multipurpose beauty balm, a handmade shea butter soap, a bamboo muslin square and an organic cotton baby bodysuit, as well as a greetings card which you can personalise with your own message, making it an extra-special personal gift for someone you love. The box is £39.95 and £1 from every box is donated to YoungMinds, a charity supporting youth mental health awareness.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a new mother this Mother’s Day, we’d definitely recommend treating her to some natural skincare goodies for her and baby – it’s the perfect present that she’s sure to love.

To find out more about our KOHA Beauty konjac sponges and other products, visit our SHOP!

Happy shopping!


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