Eco-Friendly Dental Care for the Family – Five Easy Changes You Can Make

Over the past few years, it’s become more apparent than ever that we all need to think about our personal impact on the environment and the world around us. So many of us have become environmentally aware and that’s incredible; we all need to make small changes in order to encourage big changes. Encompassing so many elements, from reducing our plastic usage to incorporating more natural and plant-based ingredients into both our diets and healthcare regimes, can make such a difference, both on a personal level and on the wider world too.

But there’s still so much that we can all do to lower our footprint on the world around us, and luckily, often these changes can actually be better for us too.

Take dental care, for example.

It’s one of those elements of daily self-care that we stumble through blindly in the morning and slog through sleepily in the night time, never taking that much care or putting that much thought into the process, if we’re honest with ourselves. Many of us buy the same products we’ve grown up with, out of habit, and never really give it a second thought. But there are so many options out there in today’s market, presenting us with possibilities we might not have had before, many of which can actually be better for us than the big-name brands we’re all used to.

So, if you’re interested in making some changes and switching to a more natural, eco-friendly and cruelty-free dental care regime for 2019, we’ve got five small and simple changes that everyone can make – read on for details…

One: Switch Your Plastic Toothbrush to Bamboo

This is the first change that you can make to your regime, and it’s probably the easiest too – you can just click here purchase our eco-friendly, cruelty-free KOHA Beauty bamboo toothbrushes to instantly upgrade your dental care routine. We even have kiddy-sized options available so that your little ones can enjoy a natural, eco-friendly dental care routine too. Our MOSO bamboo toothbrushes are kind to your teeth and gums, but also kind to the environment, as they’re panda-friendly, sustainable and biodegradable. When it comes to your teeth, we’ve opted for super-soft, vegan-friendly nylon bristles (which are naturally antibacterial) that effectively scrub your teeth and gums without aggravation or inflammation. Brush for two minutes, twice a day, for maximum freshness.

Two: Invest in A Natural Toothpaste

You’ve probably been buying the same big-brand toothpaste for years, are we right? Don’t be embarrassed; over 54 million people use the same brand of toothpaste to brush their teeth every single day. But if you want to stand out from the crowd, try switching to a natural, fluoride-free option, such as Aesop’s toothpaste, which uses gentle natural ingredients such as sea buckthorn and cardamom to soothe gums, as well as revitalising essential oils like spearmint and clove to freshen your breath.

Three: Try A Tooth Polish

It’s a new step you might not have thought of before, but a tooth polish is a great way to naturally whiten and brighten your teeth, leaving you with a gleaming grin to show off at every opportunity. We really like Sister & Co’s option  which uses activated coconut charcoal to remove stains and lift discolouration from the surface of the teeth, as well as fight bacteria and freshen breath. Simply dip your clean, dry toothbrush into the polish and gently buff the teeth in circular motions, then brush as normal with your toothpaste.

Four: Switch to Eco-Friendly Floss

Your regular floss can take up to five years to decompose, so now’s a great time to switch to an eco-friendly option. There are now natural, biodegradable silk options on the market which are kinder to the teeth and gums, as well as being environmentally friendly and biodegradable. You should floss every time you brush your teeth, using around 18 inches of floss every time – so that’s a lot of material! It’s definitely worth thinking about making the switch if you’re a dedicated flosser.

Five: Rinse with Natural Mouthwash

Many of us rely on mouthwash to give us a long-lasting, freshly-brushed feeling, but many of the big-brand formulas on the high street contain high levels of alcohol and chemicals, which can irritate delicate gums. We like Aesop’s Mouthwash, which is an alcohol-free, botanical infused blend which uses spearmint to freshen the breath without upsetting the natural pH balance of the mouth. Simply rinse twice a day to achieve super-fresh breath that’s soft and gentle on your teeth and gums.

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Happy shopping!


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