How to Create A Perfect Base for Makeup with a Konjac Sponge

It’s the festive party season, and many of us will be making the most of this wonderful time of the year, with parties and social events galore and more time out on the town than at home on the sofa. So, it’s a given that you’ll want to be looking your best, and you’ll need a makeup look that lasts, to take you from desk to dancefloor with ease.

And that’s where a KOHA Beauty konjac sponge steps in! Yes, our little multitasking hero not only takes all of your makeup off, it also helps it to looks its best on.

Cleansing with a konjac sponge helps to smooth, cleanse and exfoliate the skin, leaving it soft and velvety, the perfect base for your makeup to grip on to and last all day. We’ve recently been loving the super-glowy ‘yoga skin’ look created by makeup artist Sara Hill, that’s gone viral on Instagram, which is a gorgeous backdrop to party makeup.

Here’s our top tips to help you create a festive beauty look that lasts, starting out with your KOHA konjac sponge:

  1. Start your beauty routine by soaking your konjac sponge in warm water until it puffs up and turns soft and squishy. Squeeze out the excess water and use it to buff your skin in circular motions, wiping away any leftover makeup, grease or debris and gently lifting off any dead skin cells or dry patches. Use the Pure White konjac sponge if your skin is a little dry, or the Bamboo Charcoal sponge if your complexions leans more towards oily/combination.
  1. Apply your usual skincare regime; we always recommend an eye cream, a moisturiser and an SPF to protect the skin, even in the winter. Leave your skincare to absorb for at least five minutes before you start these next steps.
  1. Now it’s time for your primer, it’s an essential step to make sure that your makeup look will hold fast for the whole day. Choose one that promises long-lasting hold to the skin but is non-comedogenic too, we don’t want to block any pores and cause blemishes. Smooth on to the skin in gentle strokes.
  1. Sara Hill recommends a little ‘makeup mixology’ to create this next step, which we love. Mix a drop of facial oil with three drops of strobe cream, two drops of liquid highlighter and two pumps of foundation, to create a hyper-glowy base. Don’t be scared of the shine, this look will blend out to a beautiful real-skin effect with a gorgeous dewy glow.
  1. Massage the skin mix into the face in light layers, using your hands to warm up the product and really work it into the skin. Let each layer settle a little and build up the layers until you have the coverage you want – Sara recommends leaving the skin to look fresh and as natural as possible. This is where using your konjac sponge will really pay off; this look is very natural, focused on highlighting the natural beauty of the skin, so it’s imperative that your actual skin is very soft, exfoliated and hydrated.
  1. Apply a little liquid or cream concealer where it’s needed, to add any extra coverage. We like to use Sara’s technique of applying concealer with a fluffy eyeshadow brush for a lighter, more natural effect.
  1. You can finish the look with a little powder to set the makeup, but not too much. You could also use a setting spray to help hold it in place, but pick a gentle one without alcohol, to avoid drying out your skin.
  1. For the rest of your makeup, feel free to go for it! Christmas is the time to add as much colour or sparkle as you want to, to embrace the colour and joyfulness of the season and really have fun with makeup!
  1. Of course, there’s an extra secret step to your festive makeup look – and that’s taking it all back off again! At the end of the night, you absolutely must remove your makeup if you want your skin to stay healthy and naturally glowing. Soak your konjac sponge in warm water and buff it into the skin, rinsing regularly to keep the sponge and the skin clean. We like to follow up with a second cleanse with a luxurious cleansing oil, to make sure every scrap of makeup is melted away and the skin is completely clean.


And that’s it! Your konjac sponge is a true multi-tasker and a bathroom essential, especially during these chilly winter months when your skin can start to dry out. Using your sponge twice daily will help to keep skin flake-free and super-soft, as well as providing a gorgeous smooth base for your makeup.

To find out more about konjac sponges, visit our SHOP and be sure to head over to Sara Hill on her Instagram at: 

Happy shopping!


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  • Thank you so much Koha Beauty for the amazing konjac sponge tips.
    I have so much pleasure using the konjac soonge. Really gives my skin a glow.
    A must for every female to have.

    Definitely a 👍🌟

    Shereen Abrahams

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