How You Can Get the Hottest AW18 Runway Look with KOHA Beauty

This season is all about that fresh, natural skin look – a look that was all over the AW18 catwalks, with models at Miu Miu, Kenzo and Marni all embracing natural-looking skin with the barest hint of makeup.

But if your skin is less-than-perfect and you’re not sure this look is for you – never fear. With a bit of know-how and some insider skincare advice, we can help you to fake that fresh, no-makeup glow and give you perfectly prepped skin that looks like you’ve just stepped off of the catwalk.

With any beauty look focused on the skin, it’s all in the preparation. Celebrity facialist and former supermodel Charlotte Connoley knows all about getting skin runway ready: “Start every day with a thorough cleanse and a gentle exfoliation, to polish the skin and refine the complexion, giving you a naturally radiant glow. Use KOHA’s Bamboo Charcoal Infused konjac sponge to start the day, no cleanser required. It helps to reset and rebalance the skin, toning down redness for a more even complexion.”

Post cleanse, it’s time to up your hydration levels to get that skin looking supermodel-worthy. Charlotte recommends using a nourishing serum and moisturiser duo, to rehydrate the skin and prevent a lacklustre look.

“I usually find that one great serum is enough to moisturise the skin, but if you really want a dewy, juicy glow, things need to step up a gear – especially if you want to wear as little makeup as possible but still have skin looking radiant. Once skin is clean and dry, apply a few drops of a great serum, such as BYBI’s Supercharge Serum to the face and massage it in, before layering up with a creamy moisturiser, like Skyn Iceland’s Pure Cloud Cream and leaving them to settle into the skin.”

“Combined, these two products will work deep down to combat dehydration and leave skin feeling plumped-up and perfectly nourished. Apply products to the centre of the face and sweep outwards using firm strokes, applying pressure along the cheekbones, jawline and above the eyebrows, eliminating puffiness as you go. It’s the secret to getting sculpted and radiant skin in a flash!”

Now your skin is perfectly prepped thanks to Charlotte’s advice, you can apply minimal makeup to get that fresh-off-the-catwalk look. We love a sheer base, like The Body Shop’s Fresh Nude Foundation blended out over the skin, with a glowing highlighter on cheek and brow bones to up your ‘natural’ radiance – Glossier’s Haloscope highlighter gives a beautifully realistic glow.

And there you have it – fresh, ‘bare’ skin in little more than a flash!

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