KOHA Beauty Blog Post – How to Shop Black Friday Ethically

You’ll have seen posters for weeks proclaiming the discounts available, but this Friday is the big day itself: Black Friday. With special offers and slashed prices at every turn, it’s a bargain hunter’s paradise. But the flip side to this is the dangers of impulsive buying and, of course, excess wastage, particularly in the beauty industry – as we spoke about in last week’s blog post.

So, how can you shop Black Friday ethically? We’ve put together our top tips to help you navigate sale season calmly and effectively, and to help you make the most of the discounts available in a practical, sensible and sustainable way.

Shop Small – Only buy what you need

Yes, it might be tempting to splash the cash on an expensive electronic item or an indulgent beauty product – but do you need it? Will you use it? Will it make a difference to your daily life?

We think it’s important to think small when it comes to big discounts. Slashed prices are appealing, of course, but if you didn’t really need it, it’s still spending money unnecessarily.

Change the way you think about discounts, and shop cleverly – buy what you need and make the most of discounts on products you will actually use, to prevent wastage of both money and products themselves.

Shop Local – Buy from indie brands where you can

This Black Friday, why not think about swerving the high street and heading to indie businesses instead? Small businesses need your custom more than the big brands, and your purchase can make all the difference to an indie biz, even if it’s just one small buy.

Look up indie alternatives to things that you were planning to purchase anyway, and make a difference to a small business – especially important ahead of Small Business Saturday next week (December 1st).

As a small business ourselves, KOHA know the difference that small, regular purchases can make, so we encourage you to consider smaller or local businesses wherever you can – even buying just one item can turn the tide.

Shop Ethically – Choose your brands carefully

If you have products in mind from a big high street business, we say go to brands with good values, so that you can still shop ethically. We’ve already spoken about Lush, who offer ‘naked’ and cruelty-free products (and their Black Friday sales are somewhat legendary!) and The Body Shop also offer vegan and ethically sound items that promise fabulous results – in fact, their Camomile Cleansing Oil works beautifully with our konjac sponges. Look for brands that align with your own values and every purchase you make will feel good for you.

Shop Sensibly – Use the discounts wisely

And by this, we mean that you should take advantage of the discounts to stock up on items that you buy anyway. Shop clever and use the discounts to stock up on your must-haves whilst they’re cheaper.

Running low on konjac sponges, or does your toothbrush need a replacement? Take the opportunity to buy a bundle and keep your cupboards full – it’s about making the most of the discounts. Using a special offer to buy your staple products is a sensible way to shop the sales, and your bank balance will thank you for it. Plus, there’s no wastage when you’re buying products you’ve already tried and trust.

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Happy shopping!


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