New Year’s Beauty Resolutions

It’s the start of a whole new year, and like many of you, we’re thinking about what changes can be made in daily life to make sure that 2019 is the best it can be. It’s easy to get sucked into the world of resolutions and promising huge, unachievable ways to change your life for the year ahead, but there is merit in using this opportunity to wipe the slate clean and make a fresh start in areas of your life.

At KOHA Beauty, we believe in small, manageable goals that are easily achieved but provide big results; this way, you’re more likely to tick them off and won’t beat yourself up about failing six months down the line.

If your beauty regime could use some revitalisation, and if your habits could do with licking into shape, we’re here with a list of manageable but effective New Year’s resolutions that could make the world of difference to your daily routine, and the way you look and feel. Best of all, lots of them are good for the environment too – so you’re ticking off lots of resolutions in one fell swoop!

Resolution One: Ditch face wipes

Face wipes are bad news. Not only are they pretty ineffective at removing makeup, they’re terrible for the environment, clogging up our pipes and sewers, and ending up on our beaches. We recently wrote about how one face wipe can take up to 1000 years to biodegrade, so if that’s not reason enough to switch…

But there are more reasons. In 2019, throw away the face wipes and switch to a konjac sponge. Our KOHA Beauty konjac sponges are very effective at cleansing and exfoliating the skin, removing your makeup and buffing the texture to a radiant finish, plus, our sponges are biodegradable, making them very kind to the environment.

Resolution Two: Remove makeup every night

Did you know that every night you sleep with your makeup on, your skin ages? If your skin is unable to breathe, its cell turnover function is limited and you could be left with blemishes, rashes and a dull complexion – plus you’re putting yourself at risk of infection. Make 2019 the year that you embrace the double cleanse, every single night before bed, no matter how late it is. Your skin will thank you for it, and the best part of cleansing with a KOHA Beauty konjac sponge is that it’s super quick and so effective, meaning it only takes a minute before you can tumble into bed with fresh, clean skin.

Resolution Three: Switch to a bamboo toothbrush

We’ve spoken before about how plastic toothbrushes take their toll on the environment, so do the eco-friendly thing and make a change to an environmentally sound bamboo toothbrush. Our KOHA Beauty bamboo toothbrushes are cruelty-free, vegan-friendly and biodegradable, with antibacterial properties too, for less than the price of your standard supermarket plastic toothbrush – plus we have kids’ options too. It’s a no-brainer.

Resolution Four: Take some time for you

Modern life is stressful. Between full-time jobs, commutes and families, plus your burgeoning social calendar and the burden of social media, it can be difficult to take some time to care for yourself properly. But make that one of your resolutions – even if it’s just to set aside half an hour once a week to practise our at-home facial that we wrote about last week. Self-care is important for body and mind, for your wellbeing overall, so make sure you’re doing what you can to look after yourself and your body this year, you deserve a break.

Resolution Five: Recycle and reuse!

In 2019, it’s estimated that we’ll see big changes made to industries globally, as they strive to reduce their waste and become more sustainable. But this is something that you can take into your own hands too, by being more mindful about what you throw away and how you dispose of it. Make a compost heap in your garden, if you have one, and remember that our konjac sponges can be placed on this to break down naturally. Cut down on one-use products as much as possible, and look for environmentally-friendly alternatives across the board, from buying beauty products to doing your food shopping.

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