Skincare Tips for Every Age Group

These days, we’re all bombarded with information regarding skincare and how we look after ourselves, from supplements and ten-step regimes to the ‘no-poo’ movement for washing our hair. It can be difficult to know exactly which of these new must-do movements is the right one for you and your skin, to ensure it stays clean, healthy, nourished and clear, and as we age, the goalposts move continuously.

But we’re here to help, with a guide to the skincare advice you should be following depending on your age and your skin’s needs, to help you attain and maintain healthy and radiant skin, whatever your age.


With teens, the trick is to balance the complexion. Thanks to an ever-changing influx of hormones, skin can be working overtime, overproducing sebum which clogs up pores and turns into spots and blackheads. We recommend cleansing twice daily with our Bamboo Charcoal konjac sponge, to rebalance confused skin and clear out any remaining grease or debris lurking on the skin’s surface. Follow with a toner and an oil-free moisturiser to keep that skin healthy and happy!


When you’re in your twenties, skincare is all about building a good foundation for looking good throughout later life. This is the age where you’re likely to be living hard and burning the candle at both ends, so it’s all about taking precautions to protect and care for your complexion at every stage. Wear SPF every day, even on the cloudy days, and make sure you take your makeup off every evening with a Bamboo Charcoal konjac sponge to keep your skin nourished and clear, as that teenage acne might still be hanging around, even into your mid-twenties.

Thirties and Forties

With the possibility of both children and busy working lives to contend with, as well as ageing, this is the time of your life where your skin can start to show signs of stress, so it’s important to go gentle and take care of yourself. Cleanse morning and evening with a Pure White konjac sponge, which is super gentle on your skin, and bring a little bit of facial massage into your routine to help eliminate puffiness and keep the face sculpted. This might be when you want to start bringing acids into your routine, with retinol, niacinamide and vitamin serums being popular choices to maintain the clarity and radiance of your skin for much longer.

Fifty and Over

When you’re into your fifties and beyond, skin can start to toughen up a little, and your texture can become dry, tight or even rough as you age. It’s important to be gentle but effective with your skin, to maintain a softness and keep your complexion looking and feeling its best. Cleansing is still as important as ever, and the exfoliation benefits from a konjac sponge will be of real help in keeping your skin soft and smooth. Use a Pure White konjac sponge twice daily, and add in a nourishing cleansing cream to amp up the skin’s softness. You may start to use retinol serums and other anti-ageing potions as part of your skincare routine, and we suggest bringing in sheet masks and nourishing moisturisers to keep your skin looking lovely, irresistibly soft.

Whatever your age, cleansing, exfoliation and hydration is a key part of your skincare, it’s just about what other steps you need to take to ensure that you look and feel your best at any age.

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