The Launch of KOHA Kids!

We’re delighted to be bringing you some very exciting news in this week’s blog: we have launched KOHA Kids! A brand-new collection for KOHA Beauty, Kids is a capsule collection of eco-friendly and ethical items to help make caring for your children a little more fun and a lot more sustainable.

Wave goodbye to plastic toothbrushes and single-use wipes clogging up the environment; our KOHA Kids collection brings you the items you need, in an ethical and cruelty-free fashion – perfect for parents concerned about the damage that plastic consumption is causing globally.

So, allow us to talk you through the collection…

First up, our bamboo toothbrushes. Created using naturally antibacterial Moso bamboo, which is panda-friendly, sustainable and biodegradable, these toothbrushes are an effective switch from your ubiquitous plastic toothbrushes. They’ve been designed with little hands in mind, so you can expect an easy-to-grip ergonomic handle that makes light work of daily brushing. Plus, the soft bristles are made from BPA-free nylon, which is non-toxic and vegan-friendly, effectively cleaning the teeth whilst remaining gentle on delicate gums.

They’re just £2.50, so the same as you would pay for a regular plastic toothbrush, but they’re so much better for the environment and help to encourage your children to use eco-friendly alternatives even from a young age.

And of course, it wouldn’t be a KOHA collection without some konjac sponges, would it?

We are delighted to be unveiling two new, specially-formulated konjac sponges, the first in Britain to be specifically designed for children. Konjac sponges offer a gentle bath or shower experience, for even the most sensitive skins – and did you know that the Japanese farmers who first utilised konjac as sponges, made them specially for use on baby’s skin?

Our KOHA Kids konjac sponges are 100% natural and entirely free from chemicals, additives and preservatives, as well as being PH balanced and non-toxic, making them perfect for babies, toddlers and children.

The konjac sponges are available in two varieties, priced at £7.50, and are shaped like starfish for little ones to enjoy as part of the play at bathtime.

The ‘Pure White’ sponge is 100% pure konjac, making it ideal for use on sensitive, delicate skin that irritates easily. This alkaline sponge will rebalance the skin’s PH and works to gently cleanse, without causing irritation.

The ‘Blue Konjac’ sponge is infused with blueberry, which helps to calm and soothe the skin, and the natural blueberry extract make the sponge a fun, stimulating bright blue too, which little ones are sure to adore.

Once wet, the sponges can hold double their volume in water, making hair washing and bathing a pleasure, allowing your little ones to get involved in their bathing regime.

To use, simply submerge the sponge in warm water, and leave for one minute to absorb and rehydrate, when the texture will become soft, slippery and smooth. Then, simply just use with water alone to cleanse the skin and hair – konjac’s unique properties mean that the sponges don’t require soap to be effective, although you can add in a drop of your favourite baby-friendly body wash too, for an extra-rich lather.

After use, squeeze out and hang up to dry; konjac sponges will last on average for around six-eight weeks, and after this time, if properly cared for, they will begin to biodegrade. You can then compost your konjac sponge along with your fruit, vegetable and plant leftovers, as it’s entirely natural form will break down in the open air and biodegrade perfectly – ideal if you’re concerned about the environmental impact of traditional washcloths or wipes.

Check out the new KOHA Kids collection on our shop page now!

Happy shopping!


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