The Rise of The Eco-Friendly Movement

Even if you’re not hugely into the world of beauty and skincare (and if you’re not, why not?), you can’t fail to have noticed the monumental shift in attitudes and consumer demand over the past few years. Millions of us, across the world, are shunning big-brand beauty products and single-use items in favour of vegan friendly, cruelty-free and environmentally friendly alternatives.

Consumers are increasingly adopting a green mentality when it comes to shopping, searching for plant-based options in our diets, ethically-sound options for our wardrobes, and, more so than anything else, eco-friendly products for our daily skincare and hygiene routines.

But why? How has this change come about?

Zero Waste reports that more than 120 billion units of plastic packaging are produced every year by the global cosmetics industry, much of which is not recyclable – did you know that the average plastic moisturiser pot can take nearly 1,000 years to decompose? When you think of how many elements there are to a mainstream beauty product, the issue becomes even scarier – there’s the pot itself, the hygiene seal, the box, the cellophane window, leaflets…

And of the packaging that is recyclable, over half of us just don’t bother. Research has shown that 56% of UK citizens don’t recycle bathroom products because of the inconvenience. So, if they’re not being recycled, where do they end up?

Landfill, or the ocean, littering our environment.

It’s a horrifying thought – and even worse when you hear that eight million tonnes of plastic are dumped into our oceans every year, and plastic was found in a third of UK-caught fish in 2017. By 2050, it’s estimated that there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish.

Every minute, the equivalent of one rubbish truck full of plastic is leaked into our oceans, and it’s estimated that if we don’t change our habits, this could increase by four times by 2050. It’s a sobering thought that proves that there’s no option: a change simply has to come.

The issue is damaging our lifestyles, our diets and our world for the generations to come. It’s our responsibility to take action, and start on the path to reducing our environmental impact on the world.

Thankfully, the mainstream beauty industry is listening, and alongside independent brands like KOHA Beauty, they’re providing consumers with an increasing availability of options for those who want to live ethically and plastic-free.

We are very proud to offer a fully recyclable range; our KOHA konjac sponges and our bamboo toothbrushes are both 100% biodegradable (a konjac sponge on average will break down within a couple of months, on your compost heap, and a bamboo toothbrush will take around six months to fully biodegrade) and our cardboard packaging is fully recyclable too. It’s small changes that we can all make, that can make a huge difference to the world around us.

It’s an exciting time for independent, eco-friendly brands like ours, but it’s also an exciting and challenging time for the big brands who are looking to diversify to meet the new demands of consumers.

Lush have developed their first ‘naked’ range of products, including ‘solid shower gels’ (bars of soap), shampoo bars, solid deodorants, naked body lotion bars and much more. It’s an innovative way of presenting products that proves that plastic isn’t necessary, and you can still enjoy a luxurious beauty regime without cluttering up your shelves with endless plastic bottles and tubs.

French cosmetics brand Gallinée has a cult favourite, soap-free and plastic-free Cleansing Bar which has a waiting list to buy, whilst millennial must-have BYBI Babe Balm is a multitasking wonder balm housed in a tube made from sugar cane.

And of course, our very own konjac sponges are the perfect alternative to single-use cotton pads (often wrapped in plastic) and tubes of cleanser – and we don’t need to explain to you why you should stock up on our bamboo toothbrushes for you and the whole family.

There are so many plastic-free options on the market today, and it’s our duty to make changes and do what we can to help preserve and protect the environment around us. So, the next time you’re running low on cleanser or cotton pads, or you think you need a new toothbrush – don’t automatically repurchase what you’ve always bought, instead think about the eco-friendly alternatives you can opt for instead. The environment will thank you for it!

To find out more about our KOHA Beauty eco-friendly products, visit our SHOP!

Happy shopping!


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