Using a KOHA Konjac Sponge to Help Treat Rosacea

Can A Konjac Sponge Help Treat Rosacea?

Some skin conditions are more stubborn than others, and unfortunately, rosacea is one of those that can be tricky to manage. A chronic inflammation of the skin, rosacea causes flushed red skin, especially around the cheeks and nose, but can also present as small bumps (often mistaken for acne) or red blood vessels.

Despite extensive research, the cause of rosacea still isn’t confirmed. It’s a hereditary condition but can be triggered by a multitude of variable factors, including sun exposure, stress, alcohol consumption or extreme temperature changes.

Without a confirmed cause, it can be tricky to find ways to manage rosacea. There’s currently no cure for the condition, so it’s all about experimenting to find what works for your skin.

But one treatment that skin health experts agree can help is a charcoal konjac sponge. Skincare expert Dr Frances Prenna-Jones even says that they are “genius” in their treatment of rosacea. Ph-neutral charcoal konjac sponges exfoliate the skin lightly and rebalance angry complexions, for calm, soft skin.

A konjac sponge can help, but it can’t do it all alone. You should develop a trusted skincare regime to manage your rosacea flare-ups. Try one new product at a time, to allow you to work out if a particular product doesn’t agree with your skin. Use mild cleansers and tepid water only and use your konjac sponge very lightly a few times per week. Follow with a simple moisturiser, and always use sunscreen.

Rosacea management doesn’t stop with skincare. Diet plays a huge role too. Trigger foods for the condition vary from person to person, but can include spicy foods, chocolate, dairy, red wine and coffee. Healthcare professionals recommend consuming these items in small amounts to limit flare-ups. Try supplements too – zinc, vitamin D, magnesium and calcium are all reported to help manage rosacea and reduce inflammation.

One of the best ways to manage rosacea is to reduce stress levels. Keep a detailed diary so that you can work out what your physical and emotional triggers are, so you can manage them effectively in future. Try practising mindfulness, meditation or yoga to unwind, and use your cleansing regime as a self-care exercise. Take twenty minutes to properly cleanse in the evening, using your konjac sponge to exfoliate and massage the skin, and making sure that you’re getting rid of any tension or anxiety, in the mind and body, to help you on the path to calmer skin.



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