Why Men Should Use a Konjac Sponge Too

Why Men Should Use a Konjac Sponge Too

When it comes to skincare, many men adopt the ‘all or nothing’ approach. Some men enjoy using an array of products to help them look their best, whereas some men prefer a splash of water and a spritz of deodorant to see them through the day.

At KOHA Beauty, we always prefer a simplified approach to skincare, so for all of you guys out there that don’t want to undergo a ten-step skincare routine every day, we hear you, and we’re here to offer the multitasking solution that will help you to get fresh and healthy-looking skin without the hard work: the konjac sponge, of course.

Your skincare needn’t be complicated. Simply start your day with our Bamboo Charcoal Infused konjac sponge for a refreshing cleansing experience; you only need to submerge the sponge in lukewarm water and then apply to the skin in circular motions, to buff the surface layers gently, cleanse away any sweat or grime, and help you start the day feeling fresh.

The bamboo-charcoal infusion helps to deeply cleanse the skin, eliminating pesky blackheads and blemishes, and absorbing excess oil. Men’s skin is thicker and often oilier than women’s, so a konjac sponge helps to rebalance everything in an instant, without using harsh chemicals on the skin.

Hirsute gentlemen will also really feel the benefit of working the sponge into their beards, to loosen any trapped hair follicles and remove any debris or dirt here too.

Simply repeat this routine morning and evening to gently exfoliate, polish and cleanse your skin, and remember to follow up with a nourishing moisturiser.

And the magic doesn’t stop there – your konjac sponge can also double up as a shaving tool! The cellular structure of the sponge whips up a foamy lather to guide you to the closest shave. Experts say that it provides the same results as a traditional badger brush, but this is a cruelty-free option. Simply massage the sponge into the skin to transform your shaving cream or gel into a thick and fluffy layer that makes shaving a breeze.

You can even take a konjac sponge on the go – gym fans will find it improves the texture of their skin and can help prevent breakouts caused by sweat mixing with your skincare and staying on the skin long enough to block the pores. Use in the shower post-workout on your face and body to effectively sweep away sweat, dirt and debris, and also to gently massage sore and tired muscles.

Even if you think you have no time for a skincare routine, you have time for a konjac sponge – it’s a whole shelf full of products, in one simple sponge!


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