Why Should You Exfoliate Your Skin?

When it comes to skincare, the advice out there can be a bit of a minefield, and it’s hard to know what we should be doing in order to care for our skin properly. There’s a lot of confusion about which skin types should exfoliate and how often one should do so – but the answer is really very simple.

Everyone can benefit from regular, gentle exfoliation, particularly when it’s as light as the exfoliation offered by a konjac sponge.

Most people (men and women!) should make exfoliation at least a weekly part of their skincare regime. When you exfoliate, you’re shifting away a pile-up of dead skin cells, which mix with makeup, skincare residue, sweat, dirt and oils sitting on the surface of the skin. Clearing away this surface layer will eradicate the build-up quickly and effectively, improving the condition of your skin, whatever your skin type, and allowing your skincare to better absorb into the skin, without any barrier obstructing its path.

Those with oily skin types should find that exfoliating can help to clear the pores of excess build-up, dirt and debris – all key causes in acne or blackheads. Exfoliating gently, focusing on those spot-prone areas (think the nose and chin especially), will help to lessen the frequency of blemishes and blackheads, resulting in smoother, clearer skin. Our Bamboo Charcoal Konjac sponge is especially handy for those with oily or spot-prone skin, as the active charcoal ingredient helps to rebalance the complexion whilst it cleanses and exfoliates.

If you have dry skin, exfoliation can effectively slough away the flaky, dead skin cells that dull the surface of the skin, leaving you with a much brighter and more glowing complexion. Dry, flaky skin can affect how your skincare and your makeup sit on the skin, so regular exfoliation will help to create a much smoother base for the products to absorb into. This is particularly handy in winter, when most of us will experience dryer, flakier skin than usual.

With so many benefits, it’s absolutely worth incorporating exfoliation into your routine, but before you leap into gritty physical scrubs, exfoliating acids and even microdermabrasion, think gentle, and consider the effects on your skin. We believe that a konjac sponge is the perfect way to exfoliate the skin daily, without being aggressive, irritating sensitive skin or causing redness, as it’s super gentle and 100% natural – in fact, it’s so gentle it can even be used on children! You can use your konjac sponge twice a day to cleanse the skin, and its naturally-occurring exfoliating properties will help to keep your complexion looking clear, hydrated and luminous – not a flake in sight!

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