Why Skincare Is A Form of Mindfulness

‘Mindfulness’ is one of those buzzwords that you’ll have heard in 2018, but you might not be entirely sure of its meaning – or how to incorporate it into your daily routine. In a nutshell, mindfulness is all about taking time for you; being fully ‘in the moment’ and taking in your surroundings in full, enjoying the simplicity of the moment as it is.

At KOHA, we believe in simplicity at every turn, from our skincare to our daily health and wellbeing routine, and this in itself encourages a mindful way of thinking.

Allow us to explain…

Our modern mentality is all about speed, quick turnarounds, instant results. Whether it’s technology or moisturiser, we want high-energy impact at every turn, but the upshot is that daily life can get a little frantic when it’s lived at such a fast pace. We all claim to be serenity seekers, caught up in the whirlwind of daily life, but how often do we actually devote some time to just living in the moment, taking care of ourselves and immersing ourselves entirely in what we see, feel and smell?

KOHA’s ethos is about finding time to look after yourself, but we also believe that your skincare regime needn’t take up an hour of your day – we’re all about a happy medium, and helping you to find a way of life that works for you, even in such a small way as your daily cleansing regimen. But that five minutes every morning and evening is five minutes to focus entirely on yourself, to give your whole energy entirely to your own needs – and that in itself is a form of mindfulness.

So, make the most of it. Set aside some time for your mindful skincare regime, and that need only be a few minutes, but make sure you book it in for yourself, instead of leaving it to the last minute before you tumble into bed. Shut the bathroom door to noise and distraction, switch on your favourite soothing music and take some time that’s just for you.

Our konjac sponges make light work of your cleansing routine, so you can quickly and effectively remove makeup and debris in a matter of seconds. But just because they offer speedy results, doesn’t mean you need to race through your regime. Take time to soak your konjac sponge in warm water until it puffs up to a satisfying squishiness, and while you wait, enjoy massaging in a luxurious cleansing oil into the skin.

Mindfulness is all about focusing on the moment, so really look in the mirror and try to take in everything you see. When you use your konjac sponge, focus on making light circular movements to cleanse and buff the skin, and when you pop on your moisturiser, really take your time in applying it to make sure skin is revitalised and properly nourished – plus, facial massage is great for circulation, meaning glowing skin.

Taking five minutes every morning and evening to calmly complete your skincare regime is a great treat for the mind and the skin, allowing you to start your day feeling calm and empowered, or slip off to bed with a relaxed mind, with the added bonus of your skin looking and feeling gorgeous too.

Now that’s a calming thought.

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