Rock the gym look and be kind to your skin with KOHA Beauty

When it comes to working out, most of us know that we should be removing our
makeup before we step inside the gym, but in a recent survey, over 70% of UK
women admitted that they keep their makeup on before they hit the treadmill, or
even apply a fresh layer specifically for the gym.  It’s no surprise – the competitive environment of a gym or group workout can be intimidating for many, but add a makeup ban into the mix and it’s no wonder that the whole scenario begins to look unappealing.

Heavy makeup forms a barrier on the skin that covers up the pores. When you
exercise, it heats up, melts and fuses with oils and perspiration, creating a thick
mixture that can congest the skin and block the pores. So, when you skip off out of
the gym and get on with your day, this mix starts to settle and obstruct the pores,
resulting in acne, blackheads or skin irritation.

But all of that is a problem of the past, thanks to KOHA Beauty. If you don’t feel
confident going au naturel in the gym, there’s no need to – as long as you remove
your makeup properly post-workout, you can even reapply a fresh layer if needed
when it comes to going-home time.

Do your skin a favour and look good in your gym selfie at the same time, by trying
out lighter formulas specially created with exercise in mind. But the essential part
comes post-workout; whatever you’ve placed on your face, make sure you hit the
shower room with one of our Bamboo Charcoal Infused Konjac Sponges in hand.

Using just water alone, our multitasking wonder sponge will effectively remove all
traces of makeup from the skin, sweeping away perspiration and dirt with it. Plus,
the oil-controlling properties from the bamboo charcoal will help to rebalance the
skin and remove excess oils and grease, leaving your complexion clean, clear and
feeling fresh. It’s tiny and compact, easy to throw in your gym bag and takes just
seconds to use, allowing you to look your best both in and out of the gym.

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