KOHA Kids Bamboo Toothbrush
KOHA Kids Bamboo Toothbrush

KOHA Kids Bamboo Toothbrush

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Our bamboo toothbrushes are made using sustainable MOSO bamboo.  The soft BPA free nylon bristles are durable and have feathered tips that are safe for your gums and offer a deep cleaning in even the most hard to reach spaces in between teeth.  The BPA-free nylon bristles is a non-toxic alternative to the more "natural" option of boar/badger hair.

The soft bristles offer a gentle yet effective cleansing that is gentle on even the tiniest of little teeth.

The ergonomic handle is fully biodegradable and a sustainable and compostable alternative to plastic toothbrushes.  These bamboo toothbrushes last as long as the usual plastic options.  

Our packaging is 100% recyclable along with the toothbrush and we use no artificial colouring in the manufacturing process.

Vegan friendly!