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A Five Step Top-to-Toe Skincare Regime

It’s incredibly important to take good care of the skin that’s on show everyday – your face, neck and hands are all on the front line, exposed daily to the elements, so we take extra cautions to protect them and keep them looking nourished, hydrated and cared-for. From facial moisturisers to hand creams, it’s likely you’ve got a full arsenal of skincare specifically for those overexposed areas. But what about the rest of your body? In the colder weather, particularly, it can be tempting to neglect your all-over skincare regime, when you know that you’ll be wrapped up in multiple layers from now until next April. Your skin needs just as much love and care in the cooler months as it does during the summer – possibly more. But it doesn’t have to take forever – we’re here with a few top tips to keep your skin nourished and protected all winter long.

Shower in warm, not hot, water

Yes, it’s tricky when it’s freezing outside and you’ve been dreaming about a long, hot shower all day – but your skin won’t thank you for it. Hot water dries out your skin, causing that tight and itchy feeling post-shower, and in some cases, blotchy red marks over your body. Dial down the temperature to a warm heat that still feels comfy, but won’t scorch your skin or leave it feeling dry and tight.

Exfoliate all over the body

In winter especially, skin can easily dry out and become flaky, dull and rough in texture. While many shrug it off, knowing they’ll be wearing tights or trousers for the next six months, feeling relief at being able to skip a step in their skincare routine, instead think of preventing this as an act of self-care (as well as preparing yourself for the inevitable last-minute invitation when you feel you need to wear a dress!). It doesn’t feel luxurious when your skin feels dry and looks grey, so take care of yourself and take your konjac sponge into every shower with you. Use it to gently buff the skin all over the body, removing dry patches and flakes, and generally brightening and softening the skin all over. And for an added exfoliation why not try one of our soaps to brighten your skin and wash away any dead skin while adding much need oils back into your skin.

Change your drying technique

It’s tempting to jump out of the shower and frantically rub away at your skin, trying to get yourself dry before the chill sets in, but applying this kind of pressure to the skin can cause flaky patches and red areas too. Instead, pat your skin dry gently, soaking up excess water and leaving skin feeling calm.

Apply a nourishing body lotion, all over

Don’t skimp on this step – you’ll undo all your careful work beforehand. Choose a gentle, nourishing body lotion that protects and hydrates; we like natural or unscented products that provide a soothing experience for your skin. Apply the lotion all over to make sure that you don’t miss any areas, and rub it in gently. Don’t forget areas like your heels, elbows and the backs of the thighs, which are all prone to getting dry and rough. 

Repeat this process, every time you shower

If you want your new bodycare routine to show results, you need to repeat these steps every time you shower. Don’t skip on exfoliation or body lotion, as these key steps will help to condition the skin and keep it looking gorgeous, ready for when the spring rolls back around again!

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