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How to Adopt a Vegan-Friendly Skincare Regime

Vegan skincare has become more popular than ever before in 2019, as many of us think a little deeper about what’s involved in our beauty regimes. KOHA Beauty is proud to be a Cruelty-free brand and vegan certified. Cruelty-free beauty is kinder to animals, the environment, and more often than not, our skin too – what’s not to love? But if you’re finding the switch to a vegan skincare routine difficult to navigate, read on to find out our top tips and favourite products, to give you healthy, happy skin that’s friendly to the earth too!

Use a konjac sponge

It can be tricky to find effective vegan-friendly scrubs for your face, so we recommend stocking up on multitasking KOHA konjac sponges to keep your skin soft, smooth and hydrated. Our Pure White sponges are perfect for delicate, sensitive skins, whilst the Bamboo Charcoal Infused sponges are ideal for rebalancing oily, angry or blemish-prone complexions. You don’t even need to use additional product with our konjac sponges; simply wetting the sponge is enough to cleanse exfoliate the skin in one fell swoop.

Choose an all-natural cleansing soap

Cleansing the skin with a nourishing soap bar is a luxurious way to eradicate makeup and deep-clean the complexion. Our all natural, vegan KOHA soaps are packed with skin loving oils and butters to nourish the skin while deeply cleansing it too.

Find a deep-cleansing mask

Skin needs a nourishing, deep-cleaning mask weekly to keep it looking fresh and healthy, but it can often be tricky to find a vegan mask that does the job well. We really like the super-Instagrammable pink clay mask from Sand + Sky, which is completely vegan-friendly and leaves skin fresh and glowing.

Swap your moisturiser for a serum

Moisturisers are key for healthy, happy skin, but the best vegan-friendly formulas are often found in serum form. BYBI Beauty’s pretty pink and gold Supercharge Serum is packed with organic ingredients, including cold-pressed prickly pear oil, that ensure skin is hydrated, balanced and beautiful day after day.

The key to getting a reliable and effective vegan skincare regime in place is to shop around and do your research. It’s easier than you think – there are several shops on the high street now offering entirely vegan-friendly ranges, and there’s more options than ever before online too.  Just make sure you check the ingredients to be confident that your chosen products are completely cruelty-free and will work for your complexion.

Head on over to shop our collection of soaps and konjac sponges. Happy shopping!


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