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KOHA Beauty Long Haul Flight Tips

It’s finally holiday season, and if you’re jetting off somewhere fabulous this summer,

KOHA Beauty’s got your back. With the risks of dehumidified cabin hair drying out

your skin, interrupted sleep giving you eye bags and the stress of travel breaking

you out, maintaining a fresh and glowing complexion when flying long-haul can be

tricky. So, we’ve put together our top tips for you, to make your skin one less thing to worry

about when you head off on holiday….

The Prep: Things to Tick Off Before You Fly

Get your beauty sleep

Long-haul flights can really mess with your system, so it’s important to try and

notch up a good sleep pre-flight if you can. A sleepless body will have a diminished

immune system and can leave you feeling frazzled before your holiday’s even

begun, so try and get ahead of the game to ensure that you jet off feeling relaxed

and energised.

Make a plan for snacks and beverages

That dry cabin air won’t just dry out your skin – it can actually dehydrate your whole

body, so it’s essential to drink plenty of water. Take a water bottle with you and fill it

up before the flight – much better for you than a coffee! If you can pack some

snacks too, your skin will thank you. Salty or sugary treats will just dehydrate you

further, so fill a lunchbox with nuts, seeds, dried fruit or maybe even some flapjacks,

to keep you satisfied without spiking your blood sugar.

Prep your skin pre-flight

Keep your skin hydrated and exfoliated, with regular use of one of our konjac

sponges, which makes cleansing easier than ever. Using a konjac sponge in the

weeks leading up to your holiday will help you to achieve a fresh, radiant

complexion that will help you feel more comfortable going makeup-free in the


Pack the right kit

Of course, flying long-haul means that you’ll likely have a bigger suitcase to stuff,

but you’ll still need to consider those pesky liquid restrictions when it comes to your

in-flight beauty essentials. KOHA Beauty’s range of products is so travel-friendly,

perfect for jet-setters everywhere!

We’d recommend packing a konjac sponge, for quick cleansing, and cutting one of

our cold-process soaps into blocks, for easy refreshment during the flight. And a

bamboo toothbrush is a must, of course! Our shampoo and conditioner bars are

ideal for travelling anyway, and taking the soap blocks limits your need to take

separate cleansers, shower gels and shaving creams – leaving more space for

your outfits…

As a general rule, you should only pack travel-size bottles, tubs and pots and hold

up to 100ml each, and all of these should fit into an airport-regulation, transparent

resealable bag – but you can double-check your airline’s guide to avoid any


During: What to Do While You Fly

Mask, mask, mask!

You might feel like a grade-A diva, but we recommend a sheet mask to rehydrate

the skin during the flight. But skip the high-street options for something that’s eco-

friendly and sustainable – Innisfree has a huge range of environmentally-friendly,

biodegradable sheet masks that you can use once without the guilt. Slap it on and

unwind, knowing you’ll soon be unveiling glowing, gorgeous skin.


Regular water intake during the flight will prevent that dehydrating air latching on

to your skin, and ensure that you can maintain a healthy glow.

You can also make your own face mist for an instant hydration hit. Fill a glass

atomiser bottle with a mix of rosewater and jojoba oil, and mist over your skin

regularly. Rosewater is amazing for revitalising and softening the skin, plus the

scent is super relaxing too.


Prepare for a good nap to ensure best results; that means, wear some comfy loose

clothes and bring a supportive neck pillow with you to aid a restful sleep. Ask the

airline for a blanket once you’re seated, and bring earplugs and a sleep mask to

block out noise and light.

Post Flight: What to Do When You’ve Landed

Cleanse and Rejuvenate

After many hours sat in a dry airplane cabin, you’re likely to feel a little less than

fresh. So, once you’ve touched down, head off to your hotel and prepare to refresh

and rejuvenate, naturally. Cleanse your skin with a konjac sponge, to remove plane

grime and help your skin feel extra-clean, and get those teeth feeling fresh with

your bamboo toothbrush. A shower with our extra-refreshing Green Clay, Dead Sea

Mud & Eucalyptus soap with reinvigorate you and wake you up, and using our solid

shampoo and conditioner bars will revive and rehydrate dry, lank locks.


It’s your holiday – enjoy every second!