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Six Steps to Sandal-Ready for Summer, with KOHA Beauty

If you’re anything like us, you’ll have been impatiently waiting for weeks for the warmer weather to arrive, only to be completely unprepared when it finally does. Sound about right?

Part of the prep for summer is a great pedi - but if you’re caught short with no time to head to the salon, or if you just prefer a more natural way to groom, we’ve got some top tips for you to get those feet ready for showing off in your summer sandals. The best part? We’re using all natural, cruelty-free products, and it’s a great excuse for some self-care time too.

Let’s get those feet looking fabulous…

Step one: Remove old product

We’re willing to bet that you’ve got the remainder of a months-old pedi chipped and unloved on your toes right now. So freshen up and get those nails clean and healthy, with an all-natural nail polish remover such as Zoya Remove Plus Nail Polish Remover which gently swipes away old polish without using harsh acetones and chemicals, much better for your nail health. Go gentle but use firm strokes to ensure any lingering polish is gone, before we move on to step two of your natural, at-home pedicure.

Step two: Soak and relax

One of our favourite steps, for sure! Soaking the feet is not only super relaxing, it also deeply cleanses the feet and nails, and makes the skin nice and soft. Fill a basin with warm-to-hot water and cut a block of KOHA Beauty’s Lemon, Poppy Seed & Turmeric soap to melt away into the water, creating a silky-soft and beautifully scented soak for your feet to enjoy. The antioxidants and anti-inflammatories within the soap will care for your feet and the scent is so refreshing. Sit back and relax for 10 minutes or so, and then take some time to properly clean your toes and heels with another small block of the soap (the poppy seeds provide some gentle exfoliation too).

Step three: Buff those soles

Now your feet are rested, it’s time to get them into their finest condition. Dry, cracked heels and toes are a sandal no-show. But the good news is that they can be easily made over with some quick exfoliation, using one of our original KOHA Beauty products, no less. Empty your basin and refill it with fresh warm water, and place a KOHA Beauty Pure White Konjac Sponge in the water to soften and puff up. Once the sponge is ready for use, apply it to the feet in firm circular motions, to buff away dry, dead skin and uncover smooth heels and surfaces. If you have extra-stubborn cracked or dry skin, you could even make a simple DIY scrub of sugar and olive oil, which will really work at any dry or flaky areas to lift away dead skin and give you sandal-ready feet in seconds. Rinse and pat dry with a fluffy towel.

Step four: Moisturise

It’s time to restore some hydration to those heels and toes. A rich foot cream will nourish your feet, but also protect them from any further damage or drying-out, so choose something heavy-duty to hydrate. We love The Body Shop’s Hemp Hardworking Foot Protector, which uses natural hemp seed oil to soften the skin and keep feet feeling nourished and cared-for. Apply a small amount to the heels and soles of the feet, massaging all over (including under the toes and around the nails) as well as the top of the feet and ankles. Take your time; a pedicure is a relaxing experience and you should enjoy every second! A little massage will refresh and revive your feet too.

Step five: Trim and file

Unsightly toenails are not a sight to behold, and if you’ve left yours to go wild, now’s the time to get those talons back under control. Toenails ideally shouldn’t extend beyond the end of the toe, so trim your nails with angled clippers to a comfortable length. Be careful not to go too short! Once your nails are trimmed, use an eco-friendly glass nail file to shape and smooth the edges.  Unlike an emery board, a glass nail file can be used limitlessly, and is far kinder to the nail too.

Step six: Pamper and polish

The final step in your natural, at-home pedicure is the best one - getting those toes looking cute and colourful, ready for showing off in your summer sandals! But be careful about which nail polish you choose to use; you might not know that many high-street brands use well-known carcinogens and toxins in their polish formulas, including camphor and formaldehyde. These toxins are linked to many illnesses, so don’t take the risk, and choose polishes from a gentle, toxin-free brand like Nailberry instead. At KOHA, we particularly love Nailberry for being free of 12 of the major toxins, but for also being vegan-friendly, halal, gluten-free and cruelty-free - as well as being extra-gentle to our nails and delivering beautiful results for everyone. Paint on a clear base coat first, before layering with two coats of colour (we especially love Peony Blush or Pink Tulip, for a super-summery look). Finish your pedi with a clear top coat, and then slick on some natural cuticle oil - a homemade blend of vitamin E and an essential oil of your choice is an easy DIY - to protect and perfect your pedicure.

What now? Pop on those sandals and go and enjoy summer!


KOHA Beauty