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The Ultimate Travel Skincare Regime

It’s a fact of modern life that we all travel a lot these days. Whether it’s a daily commute or regular business flights, or hey, maybe you’re a super-glamorous frequent jetsetter – it’s probably fairly likely that you travel long distances on a semi-regular basis. In which case, you’re probably also familiar with how tricky it can be to pack an efficient beauty regime that also subscribes to the minuscule allowance you’re given on board.

But that’s where KOHA steps in. And not only do we make it easier to travel with an effective beauty regime in place; our ethical, eco-friendly and sustainable products also help to offset that carbon footprint too.

Intrigued? Well, before you jet off somewhere new, read our guide on travelling in style with an eco-friendly, and travel-friendly, routine locked in place. We think you won’t look back!

First things first, keep a toiletries bag (best to be an airport-regulation clear bag for absolute ease, you can find these online or pick up one at the airport and keep it in your suitcase) packed and ready to go at all times, so you never have to worry about if you’ve forgotten something important. Having this stashed in your suitcase is one less thing on your list, we swear by this top tip.

When it comes to packing a cleanser, forget about face wipes. Not only are they hugely ineffective at removing makeup and debris, they’re also bad for the environment. Yes, they’re handy for travelling, but we’ve gone one better – a KOHA Beauty konjac sponge. Small and so lightweight, with a handy loop for hanging up in bathrooms all over the world, our konjac sponges make light work of cleansing on the go. Best of all, it’s literally all you need to pack for your cleansing routine, as konjac sponges work without cleanser, so no need to worry about decanting into small bottles or trying to find a travel-size that won’t leak in your suitcase. Simply pack a fresh konjac sponge and it will last you for up to eight weeks, seeing you well through your travels to when you get back home again. Pack the sponge that best suits your skin type, Pure White or Bamboo Charcoal, and you’re good to go.

Toothbrushes are of course a travel must-have! Stay organised and make sure that you keep a spare toothbrush in your toiletry bag, so you never have to worry that you’ve left it behind. Our eco-friendly bamboo toothbrushes are 100% recyclable and biodegradable, incredibly light and slim, and promise just as thorough a clean as a regular plastic toothbrush. Just make sure you keep a toothpaste miniature in your bag too!

As we mentioned with your cleanser, it’s a pain packing liquids in your travel bag. Miniature sizes are expensive to buy on the high street, and decanting your regular products can be a messy business – let’s not get started on what happens when your bottles decide to leak. Shower gel all over your best dress? No thank you. Save yourself the hassle, and purchase one of the KOHA Beauty cold-processed soaps, which we think is one of the best travel hacks we can offer. Choose the soap that best suits your skin type and needs, and when you receive it, simply slice it into as many chunky blocks as you need (we think four is ideal, to have some for home and away).

This way, you can keep a block in your travel bag and know that wherever you go, you have a high-quality cleansing product for your shower and your cleansing routine, that’s guaranteed not to leak or cause a mess in your suitcase. If you’re away for a while or you know you’ll be doing different activities, we’d recommend taking two kinds of soap to see you through every eventuality. Our naturally deodorising and rejuvenating Green Clay, Dead Sea Mud and Eucalyptus soap will leave you feeling super fresh and clean, whilst our softly-scented Shea Butter, Kaolin Clay and Ylang Ylang soap is great for helping you unwind at the end of a busy day.

When it comes to haircare, shampoo and conditioner is another one of those pesky must-packs that can cause untold trouble. But thankfully our new solid shampoo and conditioner bars have now launched, making it super easy to pack a condensed travel bag that’s no-mess, no-fuss. Simply pack one of each of the bars in your travel bag and that’s literally it – a full haircare regime in two small bars, that will last and last (and last – seriously, this stuff lasts for ages!). Alongside the shampoo/conditioner bars, we’ve also launched aluminium travel tins, which mean you can pack the bars even whilst they’re still wet from use in the shower, without the faff of having to dry them or wrap them up. How easy is that?

And there you have it! So, with holiday season on the horizon and your next trip likely right around the corner, hopefully we’ve made it easier than ever for you to travel in style this summer.

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Happy shopping!


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